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Developing a culturally sensitive and respectful workplace is important for achieving genuine cultural appreciation and Reconciliation. Cultural sensitivity and mutually respectful workplaces go hand in hand. Many people profess to deliver training in cultural awareness, but a rare few can deliver it in a manner that promotes personal growth, change, a commitment to Reconciliation.

Our Consultancy Services, Cultural Awareness, and Sensitivity  & Training are designed to give insight into Aboriginal Australian’s history and culture. It enhances and inspires participants’ knowledge and skills, and promotes opportunities to examine their personal values and attitudes, and challenges them to promote a better understanding of Aboriginal Australia. Viewing Australia through the eyes of a “First Australian” provides a new dimension of experience and understanding. Our Aboriginal cultural experiences provide participants with a unique and culturally rich opportunity to interact with proud Aboriginal people in sensitive and genuine ways. Ask questions and join in on thought-provoking and engaging activities with Haydyn as he shares his life experiences. Sessions are diverse and interactive and can be tailored to the individual needs of your workplace.

Our Services

Training and Consulting

Specializing in tailored Training and Professional Development for everyone.

Aboriginal Cultural Sensitivity and Respect Training

Half Day and Full Day

Advanced Cultural Training
'Working with Aboriginal People'

Half Day and Full Day

Adelaide Aboriginal Cultural Experience

2 Hours, Half Day and Full Day

Cultural Experiences and Educational Seminars

'On Country' Cultural Experiences

Private Tailored Cultural Experiences

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Bookabee Australia has been developing, delivering, and evaluating quality professional training and development programs for almost 30 years.

The Cultural Sensitivity and Respect (Cultural Awareness) Programs that we deliver, cater to a diverse range of audiences and we routinely receive glowing positive feedback (available for review on request).  It is received well by all clientele including the corporate, government, non-government and private industry sectors, as well as small, medium and large private sector businesses. We currently have several valued partners in a diverse range of sectors.

‘Training is delivered in an interactive, relaxed style that safely engages participants in a genuine and rigorous cultural experience.’

Sessions are designed to engage participants in cultural immersion experiences that encourage them to examine their views and attitudes towards Aboriginal Australia in a safe non-judgmental environment. The aim is to safely and sensitively present facts and information to adopt a healthier worldview of Aboriginal Australia.

Typical full-day program

The typical session runs from 9 am – 5 pm with a 30-minute lunch break and 2 x tea breaks of up to 30 minutes total. 

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