Corporate Buyers

Bookabee Australia has been involved in the development, delivery and evaluation of quality professional development programs for over 25 years. The Cultural Sensitivity and Safety Programs that we deliver has been developed for a wide variety of audiences and has received much positive feedback by participants.  It is received well by the corporate, government and private industry sectors and we currently have a number of large contracts in all sectors.


‘Training is delivered in an interactive, relaxed style that safely engages participants in a genuine cultural experience.’ 


The full day training engages participants in a cultural immersion experience that encourages them to examine their views and attitudes towards Aboriginal Australia in a safe non-judgmental environment. The aim of the experience is to safely and sensitively present facts and information to assist participants to adopt a healthier world view of Aboriginal Australia.


Continually updating and reviewing the Bookabee Australia Cultural Sensitivity and Safety Program has enabled it to maintain currency and relevance over many years. We ensure it is current and relevant to today’s times by adapting and incorporating topical themes and news events.


We receive regular positive feedback from my clientele, some of our current clients of which include the Department of Human Services SA formerly DCSI, Department of Environment of Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR), University of South Australia (UniSA), Adelaide City Council (ACC), Maxima Group Training and SA Health via the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


Previous clients include: National Native title Tribuneral SA Office; Woolworths Limited (supermarkets); Coles Supermarkets; IKEA (SA Office); Services Skills SA; The Smith Family; and numerous smaller government, non-Government and private enterprise businesses including Salvation Army, Hutt St Centre, u0026amp; CD Power, LRM Constructions, Lee Green Accountants, and The State Theatre Company.


Topics covered include;

  • Aboriginal Social history;
  • Traditional ways of life and perspectives;
  • Pre and Post European contact u0026amp; interaction with Aboriginal society;
  • Contemporary Aboriginal Perspectives;
  • Aboriginal learning styles;
  • Working with Aboriginal people, families and communities;
  • Impacts of Government policies;
  • Racism, White Privilege and Entitlement;
  • Stolen Generations – Trans-generational impacts;
  • Cultural Safety in the workplace;
  • Current themes and topics to discuss can include:
    • Compensation Debate;
    • Education, Housing u0026amp; Employment;
    • Reconciliation;
    • Aboriginal Identity;
    • Aboriginal Cultural Paradigms;
    • Aboriginal Health;
  • Aboriginal people today;
  • Working, Servicing and interacting with Aboriginal People.


The typical session runs from 9am – 5.00pm with a 50 minute lunch break and 2 x tea breaks of 25 minutes.

We require a suitable space with data projector, audio system and internet access, to deliver the training.