Bookabee Tours takes in the Flinders Ranges

One of the memorable experiences of traveling on a Bookabee tour is the ability to stop and take a break when you need to (something you can’t do on a tour bus crammed with 28 other eager passengers). On the weekend we had just that experience. whilst traveling to a bush walking spot to do a bush-walk up to a lookout that features spectacular views of Wilpena Pound, we came across a Emu and his 8 week old emu chicks. we stopped the 4WD and everyone jumped out and enjoyed a few moments of joy as we photographed and videoed nature at its best. Further, whilst we were there it gave me the perfect opportunity to share the Adnyamathanha creation story of the Emu and the Bush Turkey. this story tells why the Emu can’t fly and why the Bush Turkey only has 1 or 2 chicks. what a joy.

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Bookabee Tours Australia - Emu Family

Bookabee Tours Australia - Emu Family

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